Erasmus+ KA2 Re: ART TRUeSTory

KA2: Strategic partnership between schools
Re: ART TRUe Story

  • Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Bechyně (SUPŠ Bechyně, Czech republic) and Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis of Porto (EASR Porto, Portugal)
  • we launched a two-year partnership and international cooperation between two secondary art schools, from the Czech republic and Portugal
  • we succeeded in receiving a subsidy to support exchanges of students and teachers, learning activities and the management of the project itself in the form of various art steps, publications and exhibitions at both schools
  • we intend to enhance language teaching and learning skills in English, as a communication language, but also to arise interest for another European language, for a foreign country, culture, people, to motivate students to travel abroad and to get involved
  • our aim is to support creative and personal approach to art, to include project activities in our school curriculum and to involve students from both schools in the project via competitions, voting contests, art activities etc.
  • to learn various art techniques from each other, to realize that we are part of the project and we bear the responsibility for the success of the whole work

Czech coordinators for Erasmus+ Re: ART TRUeSTORy:
Mgr.Marta Kotková
Mgr. Štěpánka Janoušková

Portuguese coordinators for Erasmus+ Re: ART TRUeSTORy:
International Project Department Soares dos Reis School of Arts

Official webpage of Re: ART TRUeSTory

Facebook Re: ART TRUeSTory

eTwinning webpage Re: ART TRUeSTory

EASR Porto (partner school homepage)


ERASMUS+ AT SUPŠ bECHYNĚ with portuguese outlooks

Last school year, when we were hosting a Portuguese Comenius assistant at our school, we launched into another challenge in the form of international European projects. As one of many Czech schools we applied for the programme Erasmus+ KA2 (Strategic partnership between schools) and, surprisingly enough, we succeeded!

The project Erasmus+ has been supported from the funds of the European commission and allows us two-year cooperation between our school and another secondary art school from Porto (Portugal) - Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis. We have many points in common, indeed: both schools were founded in 1884 as one of the oldest art schools in the country and we share very similar study fields (graphic, ceramic, industrial and multimedia design). Another advantage for our school is the year-long assistantship of previously mentioned Comenius assistant Sergio Bruno Antunes who achieved to raise awareness about Portuguese culture and language in language and art classes.

The project was called Re: ART TRUeSTory, suggesting only by the name that our aim in two years is to create an animated story that will be inspired by both our cultures, written by students, technically and artistically produced, promoted on posters, accompanied by their own logos and all in all, actively created by both Portuguese and Czech students.

Exchanges between schools, visits of towns, museums, galleries, art workshops etc. will be part of the work on the project. Our aim is to involve students from all study fields, due to a large spectrum of activities that are involved in the project work. We intend using English as a communication language; however, we are also looking forward to learning bases of another European language.

We strongly believe that Erasmus+ project will achieve what we are expecting, i.e. it will join more closely our school with a foreign school, it will motivate our students to use their skills more practically and creatively and that students will be more interested into speaking English, travelling, broadening their minds and creating friendship with people all around the world. We do hope that the project will be successful and we all will learn as much as possible!


Štěpánka Janoušková & Marta Kotková