At the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Bechyně we offer the following four-year studies with maturita leaving examination and a three-year vocational study field.
At the moment there are purely art study fields at school. For all of the four study fields the applicants have to pass the entrance talent exams (drawing, painting,
composition exercise). Grades from the primary school are also taken into account.
More information about applications and the entrance talent exams HERE (only in Czech).

For the three-year vocational studies there are no entrance exams, provided that the applicants have successfully finished the nine-year compulsory education at the primary school. 

NEMAZAT - DESIGN  Ceramic design   

NEMAZAT - DESIGN  Industrial design   

NEMAZAT - DESIGN  Graphic design

NEMAZAT - DESIGN  Multimedia design 

Obory vyučované ve školním roce 2009/2010 Producer and decorator of ceramics


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LAUFEN CZ Ltd. is a partner company of SUPŠ Bechyně (Secondary School of Arts and Crafs – Bechyně), being the biggest producer and exporter of bathroom ceramics in the Czech Republic with two modern production factories, in Bechyně and Znojmo. Laufen represents the labels JIKA, LAUFEN and ROCA on the Czech, Slovak and other central and Eastern-European markets. The company is part of the Spanish group ROCA, the world biggest producer of the bathroom ceramics and design.